Sparor VII

Nymean Coreward Region, Unknown Regions



Rotational Period

22.9 hours

Orbital Period

384 days

Physical and Societal

icy, cold

Percent Land


Native Species


Dominant Species



920 million

Capital City





Nymean Ascendancy

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Sparor VII is the seventh planet in the Sparor System and is a member of the Nymean Ascendancy.


Sparor VII is mostly an ice world that sparkles with layers upon layers of snow and ice. Many portions of the planet are rich in heavy metals drawn from the core as result of the volcanic activity. These metals provide for some industry and exporting to the shipyards in Areltsi.

Since Sparor VII is often covered in ice and snow, the temperature is mostly cold and many find the weather fierce. In the short summer, however, the equatorial region becomes green and lush with vegetation.


The native Sparorians are furry bipeds who are short and strong compared to a human. Over 230 million of them reside on the planet and happily mine and process the metal to be exported. Due to the natural coldness of their planet, they tend to live underground, something that has given them a natural ability to mine.

Over 690 million Nolixi also live on the planet making up the vast majority. They started colonizing the planet in 185 BBY and have dominated since.


When the first Nolixi landed on the planet, there were an estimated 800 million native Sparorians. The Nolixi attempted to dominate the species and several wars broke out. The natives were not as advanced as even the moderately primitive Nolixi and were nearly wiped out. In 153 BBY, with fewer than 25 million Sparorians left, the Nolixi called off their rampage and considered the natives subjugated. The policy of the Nolixi changed in 121 BBY when the Nolixi began to work toward rebuilding the Sparorian population.

Over the years, they began to ally with the Sparorians who were more adept at living in the cold and at mining. The two species began a working relationship that benefited both. The Nolixi would protect the planet from threats as well as find a market for the metals mined by the Sparorians. The Sparorians would mine the metals that would provide money to the Nolixi in return for their protection and modern technology.

The planet joined the Nymean Ascendancy when Nolix did and is a major contributer to the shipyard facilities around Areltsi.